Summer is here!

Summer is finally here, and we wanted to do a competition with some great prizes to give back to you.

So, from July 1st – August 18th you will have a chance to get unlimited entries to win one or more of over 50 Prizes.

How it works

Every $15 in every order you make between the dates above will be counted as one entry.

So, for example if you make an order for $32, that is counted as 2 entries, $95 will be 6 entries.

Only every $15 will be counted and parts of $15 cannot be carried over.

You will receive an email from us before the end of August with Confirmation of any prizes you may have won.

We will enter all the entries with With over $1000 worth of prizes to be won, this is your chance to make this a really hot summer.

Entrants must be at least 18 years of age and must have a valid email address and physical address to send any prizes to.

What are the Prizes?

1st Prize

Rhenium Arc Melted Pellet Set which includes 1 Troy Oz, 10 Grams, 5 Grams and 1 Gram. Worth $500

2nd Prize

Rare Earth Set

Luxury Rare Earth Metal Set with at least 2 Grams of each of the 16 Rare Earth Metals. Worth $180 

3rd 4th 5th Prizes

Low pressure Gas Ampoule set in labeled glass Vial. These are worth over $59 per set and we will also give you a free Tesla Gas ampoule tester

6th – 10th Prizes

16 ingots set which includes 3 that are Gold Plated. These are worth $30 per set.

11th – 15th Prizes


5 x .999 Solid Silver Tribute rounds which includes the Koala, Krugerrand, Lady Liberty, Chinese Dragon and Australia’s Kookaburra. These are worth $25 per set. 

16th – 25th Prizes

Vintage Recoton Osmium tipped Needle. These are great reminder of how this rarest of elements used to be used. Worth $14.75 Each

26th – 35th Prizes

Another of the Rarest of elements, Rhenium. These 50-year-old Flashbulbs are brand new and still work. These are great collectors’ items. Worth $12.50 Each

36th – 55th Prizes

PEGUYs Periodic Element Pull out Banner Pen. These are great to carry around as you will never forget the Periodic Table again. Worth $7.90 Each

Do not miss out! Join us to make this a summer to remember.